The Significance of A Pest Control Software In Your Business

You may question to self if you need software for your pest control business. You may have been running your business for years, maybe some decades old, with little or no software.

You are an expert in your niche. Yet, we shall say that YES, you will need software to go with the change. As the cliché goes, complacency costs more than fearlessness; it is easy to find convenience in old ways, and in getting things done like prior.

There is an increasing demand for pest control services and also there is huge competition. To earn more profits and be known; you must need to re-evaluate the way you run the business.

Think about the routine works like keeping a track of repeated requests, streamlining several tasks and removing manual errors. When you have a choice of automation, then why to go take all the hassle of manual tasking.

Functionalities of a pest control business software

With such software, you can go paperless with several automation functionalities. Here is what the right kind of solution can offer you.

  • Database of technicians and customers
  • Scheduling
  • Tracking schedule and services
  • Push Notifications
  • GPS Tracking
  • Report generation
  • Billing
  • Accounting
  • Route Planning

And lots more!

Let’s see in details how each feature can help you.

1)     Safe data and information

A software will often be cloud-based so that it can be easily handled and managed by you and your responsible field technicians. Being in the cloud it is safe and easily accessible, from anywhere and at any time.

2)     Scheduling

With an easy and complete data in hand, scheduling tasks become easier. There may be some repeated demands or some rescheduling required. You don’t need to go through a huge datasheet, instead just get the task done automatically, based on some pre-set conditions.

3)     Tracking schedule and services

Now, field tracking of your servicemen and their performances can be easily tracked. This software enables you to locate your technicians and also correctly know about their work progress. 

4)     Push Notifications

This feature helps to get notified or send notifications through SMS, messages or email alerts. This channelizes better communication between you, your technicians and also your customers.

5)     GPS Tracking

This functionality helps the field technicians to locate their place of work. This reduces the time that might have been spent in searching and therefore adds to the efficiency of your service.

6)     Report generation

This auto-generation of report saves time. This also avoids any chance of human error. You can easily set all the information prior and get the report generated as programmed. 

7)     Billing

This feature helps to offer an easy, fast and save payment gateway. There may be an option for debit or credit cards, and any other wallet features whichever could be convenient for people to pay. This is a time-effective functionality that is effective in many ways.

8)     Accounting

This software also comes with features for accounting. Getting all your accounts at one place and easily managed and hassle-free, you can save your time for business prospects, and also don’t need to spend money on accounting tasks by getting it done by some employee.

9)     Route Planning

Your software also may come with the scope of planning the routes. This makes work easier and fast.

When you want to get a pest control software, you must exactly know what features and functionalities are being offered. There is also a chance of getting your application personalized according to your business needs.


We have seen what kind of features and functionalities a pest control software has. Let’s see how this can benefit your business.

1. Reduces cost and more effective

Your pest control business needs proper planning, numerous visits, and experts.  Now, with paperwork and manual tasking, this will cost you more and will take more time.

When you use the software, you can easily get many tasks done once and the repetitive tasks can get updated automatically. Also, with set parameters, several tasks can be done automatically. This will save time and also money spent on manual effort.

A software may cost you, but this is a one-time investment and you can keep getting it updated as required.

2. Increase in profit

With a streamlined process, this will help in your growth and profitability. You can have all your sales information centralized helps smooth management of your team and the entire sales.

This kind of software helps you maintain a good report with current clients and help you win more future clients. You can grow your client base.

3. Better communication between office and field

Your software will be a better channel for communication. You want to run your business smoothly and avoid any strained communication like any last-minute conversation between field experts and your office employees.

With software, any last-minute changes can be done in real-time and also very smoothly. This can be done effectively and also saving time and with less hassle.

4. Go paperless

It is tiresome to deal with huge paperwork. There are also chances of human error.

With an application, you can do multiple tasks like proposals and billing with a less paper-based manner. This is an eco-friendly approach and also saves some unnecessary work that has to be done by people.

5. Juggling multiple offices in one place

There is a scope that you are using one software to manage your multiple offices. You can easily streamline all the office tasks, manage data and use them as required.

With software, you can streamline multiple operations that you need to run your business. Managing a whole business with just one sign-in, not just increases office efficiency but also effectiveness in fieldwork.

Wrap up

Here, you can see how a pest control business software , comes with multi-functional features. More or less, any software created for pest control service provider comes with similar features.

Routespro is a cloud-based, custom software that will help you streamline and manage your many tasks. An effective tool to improve communication between office and field.

If you want software for your business, feel free to contact our team.

You may be running your business with conventional mode and it is doing very well, just you need to update with time and changes to face the real-time competition and market.

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