CRM Integrated Pest Control Software And Its Business Advantages

A good pest control software can be an advantage to your business and transform it from a struggling enterprise to a profiting venture. What you have to do is careful selection because a wrong choice may give you no benefit. Your industry has its unique challenges and you must go for software applications that meet your needs. 

A pest control software may come with a single module or combination of modules, but to sort out that suits you best is the primary need. You must get a solution with strong features and tools that can manage your employees in the office and the field experts performing a task in various locations. 

What to look for in a great pest control software

In every niche the challenges are different. The scenario is the same as businesses in the pest control service sector. There are loads of tasks from managing field experts handling customer queries, accounting, invoicing, and managing different kinds of administrative tasks.

No matter what kind of software you opt for, you must take care of the three significant offerings that will help you meet your purpose.

1. Ability to manage seasonal changes

It is a challenging fact that a pest control company is highly reliable on seasonal factors like as many pests go dormant in the winters when your business will witness a slow phase and then the spring and summer when the pest infestation is high and you come across seasonal rush with an explosion of calls. Many insects go dormant in the winter, leading to a lull in business, and then there is an explosion of calls in the spring and summer. This natural swing is difficult to manage, but software with specific features will handle this seasonal fluctuation flawlessly.

Software must-have marketing tools so that in slow times, you can promote your business and remain in people’s minds so that in time of need, you be their first preference.

2. Capability to dispatch fast

In cases of plumbing and HVAC emergencies, nothing is scarier than seeing several cockroaches scamper around on the floor.

In such time, your customer needs a fast response and software that has good dispatching ability will help your experts fast understand the situation, locate the customer, learn about past service history if any and send technicians there. 

3. Manage multiple locations

When you are in this service sector you must know that it is tough to manage different clients in multiple locations is another challenge. Many locations have their pest control regulations and keeping that in mind, offering service is a big challenge.

Also, you must be able to quickly analyse the issue and appoint the right technician with the right tools and information to solve the issue. With software that can handle multiple locations, your work gets easier.

What you need is an all-in-one solution for your business. In a few of our last posts, we discussed scheduling, routing and some other aspects of great software. Today, in this blog we shall do the talking about CRM and its significance.

Why your business needs pest control CRM software?

This sector faces the same issues as other business verticals. A similar concern is the changing preferences of customers. Maintaining customer relationships is essential and a key to this is being prompt in addressing their concern and offering expected services.  This is a considerable difficult and tedious task, and your office will need a CRM based software. Let us see how you will benefit.

  • Fast and responsive emails

In every business, you require to be fast and responsive toward your client’s query and concern. With CRM software, you can connect with your customers fast and be very prompt in communication.

Any missed email may lose out to a potential customer. CRM software ensures that this doesn’t happen. It keeps reminding the message from customers on a daily or weekly basis. Most software sends display email on the screen so that you don’t miss out on any. 

Your employee can then choose to send a customized or generic reply and communicate with people. Hundreds of messages can be handled with one software a this saves time and prevents the loss of any potential customer.

  • A help to busy employees

CRM integrated software can help your business with being assistance to your busy employees. Many small businesses have employees looking after numerous functions.  The software will help them ease out their work without getting tired or without any error or missed task.

With numerous roles, CRM software can help in streamlining numerous processes and lower the loads. An employee can send emails or text messages and create better communication in less time than it would be possible with conventional approaches.

A CRM application can help an individual do more tasks in less time an becomes a technical help in your pest control service.

  • Customer reviewing

While managing a physical office it is essential to have an online presence as well. Many faces issue in maintaining online reviews as they face issues in setting up virtual platforms that can attract more customers.

Also, companies can face issues in providing a fast response and attend seasonal rush of queries and complaints. A CRM software comes with automated advantages, and things that were done manually are now pre-program based.

You may look for integrated software like Routespro that brings together numerous technological functionalities and also a powerful CRM.

When you can reply promptly and accurately to the customers’ experiences both negative and positive, this will help build trust and belief. This shows that you care about people and their concerns.  Replying to reviews with negative experiences and your willingness to overcome the issue shows your service-oriented approach.


Every pest control business needs CRM software for better communication with customers.  It is a tool with which a company can perform more and in an organized way also in less time. 

The pest control service providing companies that have embraced pest control CRM are with more business advantages than the ones that haven’t welcomed technological innovation.


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