How To Choose A Software For Your Pest Control Business?

Web Based Pest Control Software

A pest control service providing business has its risks and tedious tasks. To manage everything, from clients to field experts, the irregular requirements, on and off orders, inventories, seasonal rush, seasons with less workflow, works for urgent basis, the dilemma to manage all the business-related paperwork, and more. To deal with this you will need a good pest control software that can handle every kind of task effectively and with ease.

Pest control companies are looking over the business edge and each has the responsibility to offer the best of kind of service. Besides proper documents like licenses, trained professionals, and pest control equipment, another critical aspect is having a multi-functional software with custom options.

The software will help you manage regular and critical aspects of daily operations. You don’t have to work with excel sheets and keep records manually. Just with a few taps, you can do away with most of the paperwork as you go eco- friendly ways.

Here we have listed the essential criteria or features, to keep in mind when you choose software for your enterprise.

Comprehensive features

A nice pest control software will be comprehensive with various features and functionalities.

It comes with the whole set of attributes that will help in your business, like scheduling tasks, proposal handling, billing, routing, payment, prepare estimates, inventory management, track time, generate invoices, push notifications for customers, official conversation, email marketing, payroll and more. 

A great software will also offer easy and ready-made connectors to various other systems to make the overall experience great.


Any good pest control application needs both resilience and flexibility which allow to enter data when you are in offline mode and then sync them once the internet connection is available. Also, the software must be able to work on mobile devices.

Such web-based pest control software must be able to work seamlessly across devices with the minimal resources of your smartphone. It should also be adept in using the smartphone features such as camera and voice. So, the best solution would be a cloud-based app that can be used anywhere by your office employees and also field technicians.

As a minimum, the customer-facing web apps work in both Android and IOS, and also in any other OS, the company may choose to entertain.

Such software will also help managers to manage tasks and scheduling. For the front-line technicians, the software comes with integrated features like order-alerts, track pending tasks, and trace routing to the next work or task site.  With the desktop version of an app, you can customize the dashboard and also set up user-centric permissions.

Latest features and functionalities

UX is an important feature. Any good software will come with highly responsive and intuitive UX that allows users to work effortlessly. To exemplify, suppose there is a feature with which your manager can drop and drag assign jobs making it easy to set tasks. For instance, an app with a calendar can help you assign tasks and track whatever is pending.

Customer focussed

Any great software will come customer-facing. It will allow a customer to book services and also comes with features like push notifications that will keep updating customers about work status and progress. It also tells about the arrival of a technician and how much time will it need. Also, good software allows a customer to easily search and book tasks, which can be quite beneficial for customers. 


A software comes with automation to get the mundane and regular tasks done as programmed. With this feature, you can perform all tasks from contacting the customer to invoicing, management, reporting, and more. It can remove all repetitive and time-consuming tasks, enabling your employee to focus more on other necessary work besides the regular stuff.

With automation, you can get unlimited tasks to get done. For example, the software can send out push notification alerts to field technicians and marketing team when a new order comes and also start tracking every process that needs to be carried out to fulfil the task.

A great software will allow, pest control companies to do away with paperwork that automation can do effortlessly. It can capture most of the information, as designed to do using smartphone features like camera, GPS, and more.

 When you are about to choose a pest control software, you must know the prerequisites. 

Repository of knowledge

Pest control service providing business is a little tricky and quite challenging as well. Starting from the manager, technicians and stakeholders all must know different kinds of pests, their behaviour, habits, characteristics, and also thorough knowledge about every kind of pesticide or redial measures and their side effects, if any. You must also know the state regulatory measures for pesticide application.

A great app comes with a repository of information about every essential thing that you must know to ensure that you get all the right information at the right time. The app also offers effective knowledge about control and regulations, when applying hazardous chemicals.


You need to be always ahead of trends and practices. This is similar when you choose software for your pest control business. You have to go beyond some criteria. Before you outsource your requirements, you need to ensure that the app developing team has the expertise and experience not just in making an app but also understanding the competence and intricacies of the business.

When you choose an app, it is recommended to opt for a cloud-based pest control software so that you can access your data and information from any place and at any time. Your employees won’t need to wait for each other and can consistently do their work at any place, 24/7/365.

A pest control business encompasses a cross-functional team that includes project manager, field technicians, developers, your employees to collaborate and get an efficient app. 

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